Wolf And Culture

Wolf and Culture

It is impossible to separate animal from culture. Culture embalms us, contains us, and traps us. Culture is everything, everywhere – all of our concepts and ideas, all of our standards and everything we think we know to be true.
Wolf is a sexual predator; a sleek, sly, sexy danger.
(It’s cultural.)
Wolf is a demon; a snarling, out-of-control, insane hellion.
(It’s cultural.)
Wolf is a mother; a gentle, loving, maternal energy.
(It’s cultural.)

Human is a destroyer; a careless, apathetic, money-hungered killer.
(It’s cultural.)
Human is a protector; a benevolent, intelligent, tender guardian.
(It’s cultural.)
Human is an intellectual; a rational, corporeal, necessary sanity.
(It’s cultural, you know it is.)

Without culture, Wolf, Human – animal – has no magic. Every motion is necessitated; every movement is instinctual, cold, and mechanical. Without culture, the animal-human dies.
Without culture, the human-animal dies.

It is our cultural fascination with animals that makes us entranced by them. It is their cultural identity that makes them beautiful to us.


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