No Thanks in Love

Do you know how awful it feels to be so needed for so long, only to be dropped like trash suddenly and without warning, without even a ‘thank you’?
Calling you up, seeking you out, clutching to you like they’d never let go. Telling you everything they ever wanted or needed, telling you all their problems and all their secrets, asking everything of you, thinking everything of you.
And then they walk away. Like they never needed you at all. Like it would have meant nothing to them all the nights you spent listening to them, coaxing them, telling them how much they mean, just trying to keep their head above the water. As if they never really cared about the time you spent by their side, holding them and reminding them you’d always be here, there even when they were so mad that you were afraid for your life, but being there because you told them you would be.
All the thanks you get is the knowledge that they are still alive, and the hope that they will return again if they need you.


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