A Chest of Childhood– A prompt from my favorite prompt website.

dead slug– broken drinking glass, and arthritic hands.

Little Wolf and Brother Moon– It’s fable, just-so story, and allegory all in one!

Ulfr– The fictional journal of a man who observes the initiation rite of a Berserker.


Attempted– A rather ridiculous story about a man who just wants to sleep.

It– My personal demon.

They Had Nothing to Say to Each Other– Empty marriages(?)


Bad Dream– A disturbing dream I had.

Dancers– A metaphor.

Fable– A story in the spirt of Aesop- but with a bit of a twist.

Felinity– A dream I had about an aquaintance of mine.
Explanation for ‘Felinity’

My Mother– A fictional child and hir fictional mother.

Once Upon a Time– Another story that is personal for me.

Reporting Live From…– A fun way to beat myself up. 8D

Wanting– Fictional romantic shit


It’s As Simple As Insanity– Told by someone in a mental hospital.

The Dance of the Dead– is both mournful and joyful.

The Nightmare– Lost in a nightmare.


Night Before Christmas ‘Parody’– A macabre version of the Night Before Christmas


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