$5.00 for one character
$3.00 per extra character
$2.00 to add background

To add color to a sketch
$5.00 for one character
$3.00 per extra character
$5.00 to add color background

*”Tribals”, or mono/duo-tone Sharpie colorings, will not have backgrounds and will generally cost less than a complexly colored piece.

-I am willing to attempt almost anything, so if there’s something you’d like to see from me, note me and we’ll talk about it.
– Everything to your specifications (i.e. characters, placement, position, background, clothing/ adornments) Just give me the word!
– I don’t have paypal, so money will have to be cash via the mail. Unsafe and inconvienient, I know, but that’s the way life happens. Note me for the address to send payment to.
– My forte is canines, but I’m more than willing to try anything, as long as you accept the risk that it may be less than my best work.

Here’s how my commissions work:
0.00    Describe to me the scene you would like drawn, and I will construct a sketch based on your description of the character(s), background, and situation (if     applicable). Emotion and personality of the character(s) and scene are very helpful at this point!
Please note that I am most proficient at nonhuman mammals, but I will attempt anything you ask (except for porn, please!).
5.00+    I will upload your sketch. When I upload the sketch to my gallery, you become locked in to $5.00 for the character sketch, plus $2 for the background and/or         $3 for each additional character. At this point, you can decide whether you like the sketch or not, and decide what should be done with it.
If you like it, you can choose to buy it as it is, or have it colored.
If you don’t like it, you can suggest alterations to be made, or simply buy it as it is. (Please note that if I have already sketched and uploaded it for you, I         cannot offer a refund; I’m sorry.)
10.00+    You can choose various coloring methods, including digital, colored pencil, marker, graphite or pen (these are shading, not coloring), or or mono/duo-tone Sharpie.     Choosing any type of coloring will cost $5.00 for the coloring of one character (this is tacked on to your original cost), $5.00 for a colored background, and $3.00 for     each additional colored character. (Different coloring complexities may change the price in either direction, with simple coloring dropping a dollar or two, and     complex coloring adding a dollar or two. This will ALWAYS be discussed up front.)
Digitally-colored pieces may be edited after coloring; unfortunately, traditionally-colored pieces may not.

This is an example, supposing that this piece (see above right) is a commission:
Character sketch-            +$5.00
One additional characters-         +$3.00
No background-                 +$0.00 (No charge is added)

The commissioner decides that s/he likes the sketch, and gives me the go ahead to color it for hir:
Coloring of one character-         +$5.00
Coloring of one additional character-    +$3.00
Background-                +$5.00

Because this is a simple background, I decide to dock part of the cost:
Dock from background-             -$2.00

This comes out to-             $19.00


In order to further my skills, I am available for editing services at no cost. I do not have an English degree, nor anything beyond a highschool level of education, but I do believe I have enough skill in writing to offer it to others.

Things You Can Do For Me

Prompt Me

If you enjoy my writing, you can give me a prompt to write about. This can be one of two types: either a word/phrase that I can use for a fiction or nonfiction piece, or something you’d like to know my opinion on.
Prompt: ‘Alone together’
Opinion: What makes a pack for a therianthrope?
Obviously, these are off-limits, since I’ve written on both of them.
(Please note that the opinion one should not be used for advice, as I’m only 17 and, let’s face it, not altogether wise. If you are looking for advice in this, I will certainly give it, but be advised that it is probably not the best place to look for it.)

Scavenge For Me!

Once in a blue moon, I get this really strong desire to do some work on something other than paper. (Of course, it’s at these times that I also have the desire to strip off all my clothes and do the macarana under the moonlight. Anyway.)
So my question to pose to all of you is: Would any of my dear readers whom I love so very much… like to scavenge for me? Please oh please oh please!

I, of course, would be willing to pay you back anything you pay for the item, and pay you for any labor done to obtain it.

What I’m interested in:
Bones of any species, particularly skulls (Please, I’d like to know where these come from, because I am not interested in any that have been hunted. Unless it is a dead animal that you find or buy at a second hand store, I’m not interested.)
Fur (same as above. Goodwill coats that are made of particularly attractive fur, that’s what I’m talking about)
Interesting beads and tiny trinkets (If it’s pretty and not cheesy, and you find it at a second hand store or a bargain-type store, I’ll love you forever)

I know this is a huge favor to ask. If you’re interested, I would be willing to pay you back and also maybe do a ‘thank you’ sketch of some sort. Just keep it in mind, I guess, if you have anything you’re looking to sell, or you’re going out shopping and would like to keep an eye out for me.


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