Personal History

Ages 0-5
I am a cat. Meow! I have no friends besides my family, their friends, my dog, and their dogs. I love it.

Ages 5-7
I have more friends now. I catch bugs and I know their latin names.
Now I am a wolf and a (very un-PC) american indian, and during recess, I chase the other kids around the playground and bite them.

Age 8
I am consumed by one friend. We are witches. All my other friends are all but forgotten.

Ages 9-10
I am emancipated. My whole life is horses. I am lost- my identity is fluid.

Ages 11-13
I am a therian- and that is all I know. I am worthless. I cut myself, and I try to kill myself. I don’t think anyone will ever love me. I bitch constantly and wear gross clothes. I don’t let people touch me.
People call me names.

Ages 14-15
Someone loves me! I am still worthless- he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
I have a whole set of new friends now. I stop obsessing over boys, and I stop hurting myself over them. I do, however, keep hurting myself for other reasons.

Ages 16-17 (Present)
I’ve changed my defaults. I am happy. I have begun to realize that being happy doesn’t mean not caring, or constant euphoria. I am therian, and that doesn’t make me better or worse than anyone else. People like me- or they pretend to, anyway, even if they don’t really. I don’t choke on my words and frown at people anymore.


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