Therianthropy (is no more)

It may not come as a surprise to many of you that I no longer consider myself a therianthrope.
It’s something I tried to hang onto for far too long, since it was such an integral part of my identity for so long. I think that’s probably part of the problem with sharing your life on the internet- it can make it.even more difficult to back down and say “I was wrong” or even “This isn’t who I am anymore”.
I still feel a deep connection to canines. I still wrestle with my son the way a dog would. I still ask my boyfriend for scratches behind the ears. I still draw myself as a wolf, when I represent myself in my art. (Maybe if I practiced more, I wouldn’t have to.)
But I no longer feel any desire to associate myself with the therian community (seriously, some of the disrespect and appropriation of trans* issues is disgusting. Don’t get me started). I no longer feel the need to pontificate ad nauseum about the nature of my self-identity. I no longer want to spend my life playing pretend.

I will leave my writings on the subject up for the time being, because they aren’t invalidated just because my feelings have changed.
I will, however, be deleting the ‘WereDirectory’- another thing that should have been taken care of a long time ago.

I hope I haven’t offended any of my friends or acquaintances who identify as therian or otherkin. I won’t pass judgement on you, (as long as you’re not comparing yourself to a trans* person. Knock it off, if you are.) and I still value many of you as friends.

I hope to do some real writing soon, so stay posted, and stay warm.




I’ve been experiencing strong and frequent mental shifts lately. I’m trying not to read too much into this, because it could mean a lot of things.

I feel like attempting to throw away an integral and longstanding part of my identity was a big mistake, made for some foolish and private reasons.

I am wolf and I am human. Call it whatever you like. Pull it apart and examine it, read whatever you’d like into it. It’s me. It’ll always be me, no matter what happens.


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